John Wild

November 20th 2007 – Canterbury Christ Church University

:: Network – 20/11/07 ::

Invisible Geographies 50MHz-6000MHz Performance
November 20th 2007
Canterbury Christ Church University

Psychogeographical experiments in Dataspace.

Psychogeography: ‘The study of the specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behaviour of individuals”.

Dataspace: “The study of data as a geographical environment, which unites the social, the immaterial and the virtual dimensions of the spaces constructed from data with the physical and material infrastructures on which they rest”.

Event text:

A network is any system of interconnected points/locations, nodes, which become greater, augmented, than when in isolation. While the emphasis is most often placed on the nodes, it is the connections/links/lines/flows, the spaces between, the hinterland of the network, and their resulting mesh/matrix, which provides the site, means and context for the networks ability to transfer and transform. Similarly, art can be thought of as a space in-between:

“The work of art occupies a pivotal point between two sets of behaviour, the artist’s and the spectators. It is essentially a matrix, the substance between. It exists neither for itself nor by itself.” (Ascott, R. 2003, Telematic Embrace)

On November 20th 2007 Open Ear hosted an event curated by Garrett Lynch entitled Network presenting performances on this theme.

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