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Invisible Geographies 50-6000MHz
The Conduit

John Wild 2004 - Ongoing

Electromagnetic waves beaming down from the skies, fiber-optic cables emerging from the seas, copper wires woven across the continents. The earthly envelope of land, air and ocean – the realm of organic life, or biosphere – is doubled by a second skin of electronically mediated thought: the noosphere. It’s a vast, pulsating machine: a coded universe grown complex beyond our grasp, yet connected at every pulse to the microscopic mesh of nerve cells in our flesh. Such is the contemporary circuit of communication. Its existence raises two basic questions. What will be the destiny of this intangible planetary skin? And how does it unfold in our own bodies?’ - Brian Holmes

John Wild, East London Performance, 2005.

There has been an explosion in the use of mobile and wireless communication devices that make use of radio frequencies between 50MHz-6000MHz, such as mobile phones, wireless LANs, General Positioning Systems, Bluetooth devices, etc. Physical space has been overlaid with an invisible geography of communications. As you walk the city you will pass through a whole array of text messages, emails and phone conversations.

Invisible Geographies 50-6000MHz is an evolving performance that explores the invisible terrain of machine to machine communications. The material infrastructure of the electronic noosphere.

John Wild, East London Performance, 2005.

The performance uses radiofrequency (RF) receivers to make audible the invisible transmissions of communications networks. John becomes a trance like conduit and guide, allowing himself to be pulled, drawn and repulsed by the intensities, textures and geographies of machine to machine communications.

Selected Performances: –

1) :: Network – 20/11/07 ::
2) East London Walk - 2005
2) Late at the Tate Britain – 2/1/2009
3) Stockholm Syndrome  – 16/3/2011