John Wild

Experimental COMmunity RADIO

EXperimental COMmunity Radio

For the EXperimental COMmunity Radio show, John Wild will discuss a selection of his experimental radio interventions stretching back over the last 18 years.

Time: 15:00 GMT

Dete: 5/2/2021

Listen live: Export Radio

EXperimental COMmunity Radio –>> This meta-program will start with a brief overview on Pirate Radios, Campus and Community Radios, the transition and contamination between airwaves and the Internet, discussing pioneering experiences of DIY radio made with minimalistic resources and the fusion of old and new media. Radio as a space for forming communities and enacting political activism, the creation of experimental music and the introduction of the Internet enabling other forms of participation and the creation of intimate dislocated spaces. The discussion will be punctuated by invited guests and passersby.
Host: Eleonora Oreggia // xname >> radioubique
Guests: Rafael Diniz, Rhizomatica / University of Brasilia, BR & John Wild, Coded Geometry / RCA, UKMORE TBC